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Fire and flood restoration services at Triton Facilities Management are delivered with compassion and a deep commitment to restoring your commercial premises to their former state, or even better. We understand the urgency and sensitivity required in these situations and approach each job with the utmost care. We recognise the emotional toll that fire and flood damage can take on business owners.

What do Fire and Flood Restoration Services Include?

Cutting Edge Cleaning and Restoration Techniques

In dealing with fire and flood restoration, quick and effective action is essential. Our team employs advanced techniques, ensuring swift response in fire and smoke damage cleaning and flood restoration. We use the latest technology for soot and smoke removal, water extraction, and drying, tailoring our approach to each unique challenge.

Customised Restoration Approach

We understand that every restoration job is unique. Our approach is customised to address every aspect of damage meticulously. We work closely with clients to understand their needs, ensuring the restoration process is thorough.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Safety is our top priority. Our restoration processes meet all health and safety standards, ensuring a secure and functional environment post-restoration. We focus on making the restored space not just aesthetically pleasing but also safe and compliant.

Our Fire and Flood Restoration Services Cover:

  • Immediate Damage Control: Quick response to limit further damage.
  • Advanced Cleaning Techniques: For effective fire and flood cleaning.
  • Restoration of Water Damaged Areas: Specialised water damage restoration services.
  • Smoke and Soot Removal: Expert smoke damage cleaning to remove all traces of fire damage.
  • Complete Property Refurbishment: Bringing your space back to life, often better than its original state.

Why Choose Triton for Fire and Flood Restoration?

Triton Facilities Management provides a comprehensive solution for fire and flood restoration. We are committed to not just repairing but revitalising your commercial space. Trust us to transform your property with expert care and cutting-edge techniques.

Skilled Expertise in Restoration

Our team of experts utilise the latest in cleaning and restoration techniques for swift solutions that bring commercial premises back to or beyond their original condition.

Comprehensive Peace of Mind

We focus on safety, compliance, and a customised restoration approach delivering a secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment post-crisis.

Triton’s Tips to Prevent and Minimise Fire and Flood Damage

Insurance Coverage

Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for fire and flood damage.

Emergency Kits

Keep emergency kits with essentials in an accessible location.

Document Protection

Store important documents in waterproof and fireproof containers.

Regular Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Regularly inspect and maintain electrical wiring and appliances to prevent electrical fires.

Safe Storage of Flammable Materials

Keep flammable materials away from heat sources and store them safely.

Install Smoke Alarms

Ensure that smoke alarms are installed throughout your premises and test them regularly.

Fire Extinguishers

Have the appropriate type of fire extinguishers accessible and ensure staff are trained in their use.

Clear Escape Routes

Maintain clear escape routes and have a well-practiced fire evacuation plan in place.

Smoking Policies

Enforce strict no-smoking policies in and around the building.

Fire Drills and Training

Regular fire drills and training can prepare staff for a swift and safe evacuation.

Regular Inspection of Plumbing

Regularly inspect and maintain plumbing systems to prevent leaks and bursts.


Waterproof basements and lower floors, especially in flood-prone areas.

Proper Drainage

Ensure good drainage around your property. Clear gutters and downspouts regularly.

Sump Pumps

Install sump pumps with battery backup in case of power failure.

Elevate Electrical Systems

Raise electrical sockets, switches, and wiring well above potential flood levels.

Landscaping Adjustments

Use landscaping to divert water away from the building.

Emergency Flood Barriers

Have sandbags or other flood defence materials on hand in areas known for flooding.

Flood Warnings

Stay informed about local flood warnings and have an emergency response plan in place.

Triton’s comprehensive fire and flood restoration services cover everything from initial damage control to the final touches of refurbishment.

We are dedicated to delivering a complete solution that not only repairs but revitalises your commercial space, making it better than before. Get in touch with us today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fire and flood restoration cleaning?

At Triton Facilities Management, our fire and flood restoration cleaning is a specialised service aimed at restoring commercial properties to their pre-disaster condition following fire or water damage. This process involves a series of detailed cleaning, repair, and restoration steps designed to address structural damage, remove soot, smoke, and water residues, and mitigate any potential health hazards. The goal is to safely and efficiently restore the affected environment to a safe, clean, and fully functional state, paying close attention to both visible damage and hidden problems that could lead to future issues, such as mould growth or structural weaknesses.

Why is fire and flood restoration important?

Professional fire and flood restoration is crucial for several reasons, including:
• Health and Safety – It addresses potential hazards left by the fire and flood, such as weakened structures and toxic residues or contaminants that could pose health risks, ensuring the building is safe for occupancy.
• Cost Efficiency – Prompt and effective restoration of a premises can prevent further damage and reduce long-term repair costs.
• Asset Recovery – Our professional restoration service can salvage furniture, documents, and other valuable items, minimising your losses.
• Business Continuity – Our effective fire and flood restoration service enables businesses to resume operations faster, reducing downtime and financial impact.

How do you restore a premises after fire or water damage?

Triton Facilities Management approaches restoration after fire and water damage with a multi-step process dependent on the circumstances and your requirements. This steps typically include:
• Initial Assessment – A skilled and experienced member of our fire and flood restoration team will conduct a site survey to evaluate the extent of the damage and develop a comprehensive restoration plan.
• Water Removal (if applicable) – We have machinery to extract standing water from flooding or firefighting efforts.
• Drying and Dehumidification – It is crucial after a flood to completely dry and dehumidify the entire premises. This is to prevent mould growth and further water damage to structures and contents.
• Soot and Smoke Removal – We thoroughly clean all salvageable surfaces and air out to remove harmful residues that could damage health.
• Cleaning and Sanitising – We ensure all affected areas and items are treated to restore them to a safe and hygienic state for your peace of mind.
• Repairs and Reconstruction – We have the expertise to assess and repair structural damage, restoring the property to its pre-disaster condition.

How long does a restoration take?

The duration of a restoration project can vary widely, depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the affected area, and the complexity of the repairs needed. Minor damages might be resolved in a few days, while extensive fire or flood damage could require several weeks or even months to fully restore. An accurate timeline can be provided after a thorough assessment of the damage.

Do I need a professional clean up after a fire or flood?

Yes, professional cleaning and restoration is highly recommended after a fire or flood due to the specialised knowledge, techniques, and equipment required to restore the property safely and effectively. Fire or flood damage can result in complex issues, including structural integrity concerns, toxic residue, mould growth and persistent odours. Triton Facilities Management restoration teams are equipped to handle these challenges, ensuring the cleanup and restoration process is thorough, complies with health and safety standards, and minimises further damage to the property.

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