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As the dust settles on one heck of a disruptive pandemic period, businesses are increasingly calling employees back to the office. According to the 2024 Robin Return to the Office Report, 75% of companies have begun transitioning their workforce back to physical office spaces. As desks refill, health and safety remain a paramount concern for industry leaders and so the role of professional office cleaning companies has become increasingly important to ensure a healthy work environment for all.

The journey back to the office is an opportunity to redefine what a healthy and productive workplace looks like, but why should we head back to our desks?

As nice as it is only having to look presentable from the waist up, working together in a shared space allows for greater collaboration that technologies such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams simply cannot replicate. According to research by HubSpot, remote meetings generate an average of 10.43 ideas whilst in person meetings generate an average of 13.36. This means that in person meetings are not only more effective but are potentially more profitable for businesses too.

It’s important to spend at least a day or two per week in the office to build a successful team. Face-to-face interaction builds trust and promotes up to 30% more productivity. For new additions to the team, especially junior hires, it’s enriching for them to see how the team works in person, allowing them to learn the culture and processes from colleagues.  The building of strong relationships within a team can increase employee retainment, saving your business time and money on search and recruitment.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, mental health became a crucial concern, with 41% of employees feeling more anxious and isolated than ever. These challenges underscore the importance of office environments in providing necessary social interaction. While not a cure-all, the office setting can alleviate feelings of isolation for many, playing an important role in supporting mental health. The benefits extend beyond individual well-being, potentially saving UK employers approximately £2.4 billion annually in mental health-related costs.

So, if it’s a case of masse back to the office, there is still caution to be exercised around large groups of people and the potential for passing viruses. This is why Professional office cleaning companies will play a pivotal role in this safe transition. By maintaining high standards of cleanliness, businesses not only comply with new health guidelines but also demonstrate a commitment to their employees.

The pandemic has permanently shifted our expectations regarding workplace hygiene. The Robin Report highlights that 62% of returning employees now expect higher cleanliness standards at work. This shift sets a new benchmark for office maintenance, where regular and thorough cleaning routines are not just appreciated but expected.

This heightened expectation for cleanliness is driving businesses to reevaluate their office maintenance plans. Workers are now more conscious of the health implications of their work environments, leading to demands for transparent cleaning protocols and evidence of hygienic practices. This includes:

Office cleaning companies, like us at Triton Facilities Management, are essential to ensure hygiene and cleanliness standards are upheld in a busy office environment. Nobody likes a sticky keyboard, festering coffee cups, or dusty blinds, so regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces are important in maintaining the harmonious atmosphere of the office and to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. Research shows that a visibly clean office boosts employee morale and assures them that their wellbeing is a priority.

Clean environments are less prone to cause illnesses, reducing absenteeism and increasing overall productivity. On top of this a clean workplace instils pride for employees and an organised well-maintained aesthetic promotes confidence and a positive image of your business for your customers.

Drawing on data from the Robin Report, it’s evident that workplaces that adhere to rigorous cleaning standards see a 40% decrease in employee sick days. Additionally, 85% of employees in these environments report feeling more productive and safer. These statistics underline the tangible benefits that professional cleaning services bring to businesses aiming to thrive post-pandemic.

With so many professional office cleaning companies available across the UK, it can feel like a minefield choosing one to suit your workplace requirements.

It’s important to choose a reputable company that offers a wide range of services. No one office is the same and so a good office cleaning company will provide a tailored service that works for your organisation. Here are some points to consider:

Investing in regular professional office cleaning is more than just a reaction to a pandemic; it’s an investment in the future of your business. Regularly assessing your cleaning needs is important as it allows your schedule to evolve with the changing dynamics of your office i.e. giving more attention to high traffic and touch point areas as the office gets busier.  This approach ensures that cleaning services remain effective and tailored to your specific requirements.

It’s also vital to involve employees in discussions about office cleanliness, seeing as they spend significant amounts of time in it. By addressing their concerns, you not only make them feel valued but also contribute to a more trusting and satisfying work environment. Additionally, choosing a cleaning provider like Triton Facilities Management, known for using environmentally friendly products and methods, demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. This decision not only helps the environment but also promotes your company’s image as a responsible business.

For those ready to take their office environment from passable to pristine, Triton Facilities Management offers the expertise and dedication needed to ensure a clean, safe, and motivating workplace.

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