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Reasons to regularly clean your office

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In March 2020 the pandemic changed overnight the way people work and brought to the fore the need for working environments to be clean and healthy. We all quickly became aware of the importance of washing hands properly and that surfaces and objects that are touched by people need to be disinfected regularly to stop the spread of infection.

Now we have gone back to our offices either full-time or in some form of hybrid working, we need to apply this logic to our working environments where people work together.

Three good reasons to regularly clean your office:

1. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

Keyboards, computer mice, desktops and doorhandles, can, for example, all harbour germs, dirt and unpleasant bacteria. A clean office not only puts your staff and visitors in a positive frame of mind, it also helps to portray the best possible image of your business while vastly reducing the risk of bugs and infections spreading throughout the workplace.

2. Good air quality

Meeting rooms and workstations in an open office provide space for people to work together in close proximity. This potentially increases the risk of bacteria and viruses that can first and foremost make people ill and as a consequence disrupt your business.

3. First impressions count to visitors and new members of staff.

There’s nothing more off-putting to a visitor than noticing the cleanliness of an office is below par.

4. A clean office is a happier environment.

A dirty offices or unhygienic bathrooms have the ability to lower staff morale and damage the reputation of your brand.

As one of the UK’s most trusted providers of Office Cleaning, Triton Security delivers a comprehensive cleaning service to business offices throughout the UK. Our trusted team of experts are here to help and will use their operational expertise to make your office a clean and healthy environment. If you have an office that could benefit from our Office Cleaning services, then please contact our team to discuss your needs today.

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